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Remote Ripple Goes Free to Use!

December 23, 2022

Remote Ripple is a modern remote desktop viewer created by GlavSoft, the same company that developed the popular TightVNC software.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Remote Ripple is now available free of charge to all users across all platforms. This gift is in celebration of the Christmas and New Year season as a way to express gratitude to all fans of the TightVNC software.

There are no ads, in-app purchases, or fees for commercial use. Download Remote Ripple today to experience its new features for yourself!

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Download Remote Ripple Now!
(free to use on all devices)

TightVNC vs Remote Ripple: What’s Better?

The answer is most likely Remote Ripple! However, please read below for more information:

  • TightVNC includes both the server and viewer, while Remote Ripple includes only the viewer part. To connect to a remote machine, install and run TightVNC Server on that PC, or use any other VNC server available on that machine.
  • TightVNC Viewer has a Windows 95-style interface, while Remote Ripple for Windows has a modern interface with tabs and a VNC connection manager. If you work on Windows, it’s a good idea to use Remote Ripple instead of TightVNC Viewer. For the server side, use TightVNC.
  • Remote Ripple for Windows does not yet implement a few features of TightVNC Viewer. For example, Remote Ripple does not support reverse connections (also known as listening mode). However, this will be fixed soon.
  • Remote Ripple will be actively developed, with major new features introduced in each new version. In TightVNC Viewer, only bugs and problems will be fixed. However, TightVNC Server will be developed further, with plans to add multi-monitor support, encryption, support for the WebSocket protocol, and more.
  • Remote Ripple is available on various modern platforms, while TightVNC version 2 supports Windows only (though a Java Viewer exists as well).
  • TightVNC is open source and free software, while Remote Ripple is not open source but free to use, even for commercial purposes.

In addition to TightVNC and Remote Ripple, we offer a number of other alternatives. Keep reading to find the perfect solution for your requirements. 🙂

MightyViewer, a VNC Monitoring Tool

We also want to introduce you to MightyViewer which is similar to Remote Ripple, but with a focus on monitoring multiple VNC remote desktops.

It presents a different way of managing VNC connections, and can update a gallery of live remote desktop thumbnails in real time. Double-clicking on any thumbnail will open a new VNC viewer tab, just like in Remote Ripple.

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Try MightyViewer for Free!
(no registration, no obligations)

Bypass Firewalls and Routers with Unidostup

Making connections between different hosts over the internet with TightVNC can be challenging. You usually need to configure VPNs, port forwarding, and other complex settings to bypass firewalls, NATs, and routers.

We understand this problem and would like to introduce you to Unidostup. It’s a remote assistance and remote access solution designed for businesses. With Unidostup, you can easily make connections between all your computers by setting up Commutator software on a server that’s accessible from all locations where you need remote desktop connectivity. You use access codes instead of IP addresses to connect.

Unidostup is an on-premises software solution, which means you get a perpetual license, and you install it on your own computers. You have full control of the system, and it’s not a cloud service that may stop working for you someday.

unidostup logo

Visit the Website to Learn More
(and request a demo if you’re interested)

More Software by GlavSoft

If you’re developing software or hardware and thinking about adding VNC connectivity to your products, we recommend trying our Remote Core SDK. It comes in different versions for Windows (.NET), macOS, Java SE, Android, iPhone and iPad, as well as a cross-platform C++ library.

Also, most of our software is available for licensing in the source code form as “white label” software. This means you can use our software and brand it with your own logo and name.