Unidostup: new remote desktop solution for corporate use


GlavSoft team is in the process of developing new remote desktop software to be installed on the server owned by a customer company. 

Unidostup system architecture contains a server component, due to which the data traffic of a customer company is transmitted through the company corporate server. Thus, remote desktop operating doesn’t involve outer services and public cloud storages. The product is supposed to attract medium and larger companies, which culture implies concern about the safety of data transfer.

Apart from safer traffic, installation on the corporate server means reduction of the risk of losing control over the software.

The application stipulates the most popular user scenarios, including those when the user is at the remote PC, is absent, or the user is not to be there, like in case with showcases or terminals. By design, Unidostup will enable users to connect to any devices from PC via local network or the Internet, and to control the devices. 

TightVNC technologies, being time-tested and well-established in the global market, play the role of the foundation for developing the new software.

You can find more information and request Unidostup demo for testing on the web-site unidostup.com.