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Unidostup: Your Own On-Premises Remote Desktop Software

June 18, 2022 

GlavSoft proudly presents Unidostup, the new on-premises remote desktop software that can be installed on a company’s server. Unidostup provides a secure and independent remote desktop solution for companies of all sizes.

Unidostup allows users to connect to any computer remotely, from anywhere, and control it with ease. It is perfect for remote assistance to your company’s customers and remote access to your company’s PCs.

Unidostup’s architecture allows data traffic to be transmitted through the company’s corporate servers, ensuring safe and secure remote desktop operations without relying on external services or public cloud storage. Unidostup is designed for companies that prioritize data safety and independence from external cloud services.

Unidostup is built on TightVNC technologies, which have been time-tested and well-established in the global market, ensuring a reliable and efficient user experience.

Get your own remote desktop software with Unidostup. Visit unidostup.com for more information and request a demo for testing.